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  • My Brand New EP, Hope of Glory, is out now!

    So incredibly excited that my new EP, Hope of Glory, has officially released! If you haven't heard it yet you can check it out on iTunes!  We are incredibly humbled and thankful by how God has already moved through these songs! My heart is to see a release of God's heart and promises that each song was birthed from. I thought it'd be cool to briefly explain the heart of each song. I believe the most powerful songwriting is birthed from a place of personal experience and gives away the very thing that God revealed through the season of the song(s). 

    Hope of Glory - this song comes directly from Colossians 1.27, which identifies Christ as the "Hope of Glory" in us. Paul explains that this was the very mystery that was hidden for ages and generations but is now revealed in us.  I've been around a good bit of ministries, churches and cultures of worship that approach God as if He's not already in our midst - begging Him to come down and "show up". I remember struggling to feel and sense God's nearness and presence as I was praying for breakthrough in certain areas one day. I heard the Father gently respond to my cries and pleas and say "Son, the next great move of the Holy Spirit in your life will directly come from you realizing the power that I've already put inside of you". I remember being overwhelmed with how big of a deal it is that God has made His home in us! There's really no greater gift that we could receive! I really believe that we don't see a lot of the things we ask God for in prayer (freedom, victory, joy, peace, etc) because we fail to realize that He's already given us open access to those things via Christ living in us! To walk in undeniable power and victory, we must discover who lives in us and what we have access to because of that! I believe that God wants to fulfill the prophecy of Habakkuk 2.14 through us. The verse declares that "the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea." I believe this will fully come to pass as we awaken and respond to our comission to be carriers of God's glory and lead the world into God encounters. 

    Highest Praise - Psalm 63.3 says "Because Your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise You." That's the verse that this song was written from. I believe that once we've experienced the goodness and glory of God it's impossible for us to not respond with high praise. The most radical act of worship is the giving our entire lives (Romans 12.1). This is a simple song centered around blessing and thanking Jesus for all that He is and declaring that every breath, step and word is praise unto Him.

    Oh to Trust - Oh to Trust was written from a time in my life when I didn't have a lot of clarity or vision for where God was taking me. In that season, it had never been harder to trust Jesus (based on my circumstances). I discovered how sweet it is to actively trust and follow Jesus, believing that He knows what He's doing even when I don't understand. I remember God giving me the melody for the song as I started intentionally praying "Jesus, I choose to trust you today." 

    Joy - The heart of the song is simply to REJOICE. We can live a life full of endless joy and pleasure as we continue to walk in the presence of God (Psalm 16.11). When singing and leading this song, Psalm 61 comes to mind - knowing that Jesus has forever given us beauty for ashes, joy for mourning and a garment of praise instead of heaviness. 

    Never Run Dry - "Your circumstances don't limit your source." Isaiah 35 declares that "waters will break forth in the wilderness and the desert and dry places will become a pool." I grew up believing that God would set us all up to eventually burn out, run out and dry up - but the more I come into an experinetial knowledge of the grace and goodness of God, the more I discover that Jesus wants the exact opposite! He has put His Holy Spirit in us like a river (John 7) so that we can always have accesss to His abundant life! Seasons and times of wilderness, adversity and trying situations don't have to lead us to dryness and lack if we're constantly leaning on the source of life, Jesus. This song is an anthem that declares the reality of God's abundant goodness in the midst of unideal circumstances. The heart of this song is to call the dead places to life, the sleeping places to awaken and the baren and lacking places to fruit! 

    I'm Alive - Romans 6 proclaims that we are "dead to sin and alive in Christ." The whole passage addresses the supernatural regeneration that we have through Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross. Paul repeatedly mentions how our old self was put to death and buried with Christ and we have now risen in new life. I started to see an explosion of victory over sin and temptation in my life as I really started the grasp the reality of this passage. This song is an anthem that proclaims the victorious freedom that we have because of the finished work of the Cross.